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Gallery 2019

To show my pictures as works in progress, I've posted Springtime by the Shepherd's Cottage, below, which will end up in a white box frame approximately 8.5" x 21". I'll be working more on this picture in the next week or so, and although it might look finished, there is still some editing to do! It needs a bit more in the way of shadows and some more definition in the mid and foregrounds to indicate depth of the landscape. I like to photograph my pictures as I make them as they always look different to view on a laptop screen and this way you can always see different details that either work, or don't. Seeing the fibres in front of you gives a very different scale! It's important to keep track of how "real" things look before framing because once it is in the frame, it is not so easy to start changing anything. 

And now next to the WIP version is the completed Springtime by the Shepherd's Cottage. The finished picture is slightly smaller than the WIP as it has been trimmed during the framing process.

Springtime by the Shepherd's Cottage  Springtime by the Shepherd's Cottage    

WIP  Springtime by the Shepherd's Cottage

 Springtime by the Shepherd's Cottage    

I have a big exhibition organised for the end of this year and into January 2020 which I am collecting ideas and inspiration for - watch this space for my makes through the year heading for this gallery! In the meantime, I've put together a few new greetings cards for the PA Pop Up Shop in Castle Douglas; I am writing this in the shop on the 4th April which is my day this month to be the shop's host. I had time this morning to finish putting the cards together ready for sale, 44 altogether, so that was a big job to complete. Most of the cards are depicting sheep, my favourites to make and they are good sellers for me. Here are a few photos of my current display in the shop, including a few of my watercolour abstract paintings and cards:

Main display Card display 1 Card display 2 Wall unit display


The first project of the year was to complete the woodland picture that I began in the autumn of 2018, this being the largest of the designs so far that I have made in this style. With that came its own trials with aligning the "trees" and making the whole picture look in perspective especially as it is more of a square picture than the most recent 25" x 8" rectangular forms. The picture itself didn't take me four months to complete; there were many times of working on it, and even more set-aside times which gave me space to consider what comes next. Once I had the confidence to carry out even more work on it with my sewing machine, that was it, it was either going to be a finished piece, or a lesson to learn from! I'm happy to say that the day I decided that was it completed, it was time to frame it. Here is Summer Shade.

Summer Shade


A selection of loveheart cards, not just for Valentine's day! All my cards are blank - there is always a good range in the Castle Douglas PA Artist and Maker's shop, including needle-felted landscapes, beachscapes, sheepscapes (!), abstract watercolours, and mixed media such as the loveheart cards. If you would like to purchase any and can't get to the shop, just drop me a line at fulraw.fibrecrafts@gmail.com.

Loveheart Cards 1 Loveheart Cards 2