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Hello and welcome to Fulraw Fibrecrafts. My name is Kerry Thomas and I am a part-time artist.

Some of my work is creating needle-felted pictures with fibres mainly of wool and silk. I purchase these from cruelty-free sources, often directly from the animal owners themselves, and that is important to me.

My other art work includes painting and mixed media, based on techniques in art journaling and collage. There are links between these and my needle-felting pictures because both involve layering, and adding elements of other mediums to the base fibres, or paint. I very much enjoy the mix of divergent and convergent processes, and the experimentation in these, and knowing that if something about either type of picture doesn't suit, it can easily be removed or painted over, and a new one is created out of it.

I work from my own photographs, sketches and imagination, and enjoy the development of each picture through the use of the mediums that I am working with on each project. 

I enjoy the tactility of whatever I am working with, whether wools and other fibres with their different textures, or the paint, inks and collage pieces. The breeds of sheep whose wools I have been using interest me from a historical perspective, too, and those include Blue-faced Leicester, Border Leicester, Gotland, Norfolk, Whitefaced Woodland, Teesdale, Wensleydale, Shetland, Hebridean, Castlemilk Moorit, Ryeland, Corriedale, Falkland and Merino. Other non-animal fibres I use for the needle-felted work include bamboo, trilobal, seacell and Angelina, and I embellish some of my pictures with free-motion machine embroidery, mixing techniques of needle-felting with wet-felting, and create textile pieces using other fabrics and yarns such as silk noile, dupion silk, organza, lawn cotton, cotton scrim, velvet, and so on. My mixed media paintings involve mainly acrylic quick-drying paints, with washi tape, stencils and stamping inks, and other elements of collage papers, feathers and metallic flakes. My work desk is never clear!


** Since Covid-19 has prevented many events in the art world, I am for the time being not holding any workshops, or exhibiting beyond the two venues where I sell my work, when those are permitted to be open. See the Where to Buy page for those details **


Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy my work.


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Autumn Grazing in the Glen By The Watering Hole Indian Summer Dawn ~ Not for sale
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